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Travel and Hospitality

Being a completely customer driven industry

Whenever the threat of any economic downturn or slowdown looms large on the global business horizon, the first sector face the brunt is usually the Travel & Hospitality industry. Being a completely customer driven industry, this sector faces the challenge of continuously engaging their customers with enticing value propositions.

Through its dedicated travel and hospitality services division, ARK Cyber Solutions optimizes cutting edge solutions for effectively addressing domain related business obstacles, and helps companies derive business advantages out of them. Our parameters of empowering your business with high operational efficiency and decisive competitive edge, help you meet and exceed the evolving expectations of your customers.

Redefine your business model

With the increased penetration of internet into daily human life, majority of customers now prefer online travel bookings. Therefore, to pace up with the modern travel industry, you need to set an online mechanism to align your projects and thus your business. Inculcating a project management and collaboration tool like ARK Cyber Solutions can help a lot in systematizing and unifying your workflow. Here we will discuss some scenarios where travel and hospitality businesses need to get organized and manage itself more effectively, and how ARK Cyber Solutions can be of great help.

For a manager in the travel and hospitality industry, it is important to know what is going to happen on a given day. Not only it is helpful in solving problems that occur on daily basis, but also helps in identifying potential complications beforehand. Using ARK Cyber Solutions.

  • You can plan your daily, monthly and yearly tasks and can revise them whenever required.
  • Tasks can be further divided into subtasks to create a WBS
  • Tasks responsibilities can be assigned to team members.

Why Choose

  • Imperative for millennial travelers

Mobility solutions are imperative for millennial travelers and allow guests to make reservations, check in and check out using mobile devices. IT infrastructure, hosted on the cloud reduces capital expenditure.

  • To engage with customers and build loyalty.

Travel, hospitality and airlines businesses are looking at leveraging social media, digital platforms and analytics tools to engage with customers and build loyalty. Analyzing data captured through this medium can help them create differentiated experiences to persuade customers to visit more, stay longer and spend more.

  • Target markets across the globe

We can help you connect with these users in your target markets across the globe. Our localization solutions for the travel industry include website translation, document translation, and global marketing services.

  • There are several interesting aspects

There are several interesting aspects to the Indian travel and tourism growth story. First, the Indian traveller is exploring exotic, unheard-of adventure destinations in India and abroad. Second, the market is not limited to the top ten metros and cities.

  • We provide:

● In-country translation experts well-versed in the language of travel
● Efficiency to quickly handle projects both large and small
● High-quality translations in all languages
The THL practice at ARK Cyber Solutionsserves clients such as airline companies, hotels, travel facilitators, and holiday destinations – helping them communicate effectively with multifarious stakeholders.

Key Offerings in Travel & Hospitality:
  • Patented technologies that enhance standard beacons with the ability to track premium passengers and guests, enable enhanced personalization and improve airport and hotel maintenance activities
  • Video streaming services for in-room or in-air
  • 360° customer-centric view of acquisition, engagement, and retention
  • Centralized content management system for hundreds of digital touch points – kiosks, mobile, desktop, etc. managing in one place, in multiple languages, and syndicating across platforms
  • Personalization and target marketing based on customer profile data and customer segmentation
  • Campaign management across email, in app notifications, offline mailings etc.
  • Integrations with 3rd party partnerships
  • IT support that can help integrate across existing platforms and to build a services layer connecting systems together.

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