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Chemical Cloud CRM Software System

Chemical Cloud CRM Software System by ARK Cyber Solutionsis used by the wide array of Chemical industries. It ranges from petrochemical, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical, polymer and paint to name a few. Considering current trends in the today's markets chemical sector companies can look to Cloud CRM system software solutions to streamline business processes to compensate for flat market conditions.

Some of the benefits of ARK Cyber Solutions Chemical Cloud CRM Software System implementation are:
  • Satisfying customer needs and demands
  • Enhance risk management activities
  • Track and protect Formulation and process control
  • Support and enhance Quality management practices
  • Strengthen Recall protection protocols
  • Track and manage aging chemical inventory systems
  • Mitigate Increased costs and reduced margins
  • Pursue global and local opportunities efficiently
  • Ensure Regulatory compliance
A real-time business context

ARK Cyber Solutions provide chemical producers with the focused operations measurements such as model-based, real-time measurement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), energy and cost accounting. Tracking such key performance indicators closely generates better insights for every value-generation step, all within a real-time business context.

The ARK Cyber Solutions Advantage for Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Gain supply chain visibility of where the demand is and how to meet it
  • Manage all logistics with support for multiple modes of movement including truck, rail, vessel, and barge
  • Create effective hedging strategies that mitigate the effects of price volatility
  • Maintain comprehensive risk management on gross margin risk, basis risk, and foreign exchange (FX) exposure
  • Provide everyone in the organization with a real-time, transparent view of all positions and exposures.

Why ARK Cyber Solutions

  • Integrated with marketing and manufacturing

● ARK Cyber Solutions help differentiate products and services, lower operating costs, and maximize profitability
● Only ARK Cyber Solutions offers chemicals industry-specific product development integrated with marketing and manufacturing
● ARK Cyber Solutions offers unique inventory and transportation integration across all modes and geographies
● Only ARK Cyber Solutionscan provide best-in-class tools for transportation management, demand management, and legacy system integration.

  • The plant or facility's sales value of production

ARK Cyber Solutions can deliver significant increases in the plant or facility's sales value of production (SVOP) and contribute to sustainability by easing the environmental, health and safety compliance concerns that are increasingly occupying the minds of business leaders in this sector. And as the IIoT evolves to offer new solutions for performance and compliance, we will be there to help you phase them into your business.

  • Users have the benefit of accessing

● Inventory of chemicals
● Safety Data Sheets: SDS (MSDS) – ES – eSDS
● Label Management
● Safety Instruction Cards
● Workplace Risk Assessment
● Permits
● Storage of explosive materials
● Dangerous waste inventory.

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